Supported Living Services:

Pretty much everything you need to be independent, and what services you get depends on what YOU want! From assistance with medical concerns, housing, cooking, cleaning, managing money, and attending church, to building relationships, exercising and going on trips, we do it all so you can too!

Skill Assessment Purchase:

Our comprehensive skill assessments are designed to highlight strengths, uncover safety concerns, and give you an idea of how we feel we could best serve you. Our assessments cover various practical, social, and problem solving skills. We take into account the observations of family members and trusted advocates. At the end, we will provide you with a thorough written report and proposal of services, including possible days, times, frequency, and nature of the services to be provided. Because this is a separate purchase, there is no obligation to continue with Wood SLS for Supported Living after the assessment is complete.

Living Arrangement Purchase:

A living arrangement purchase is typically made for someone who lives at home, or does not have permanent housing. Your CPC can get you an LA purchase for 35 hours of 1:1 time with our staff. Finding a place you can afford can take as little as a month, to as long as 6 years. Following the tips below NOW can help you make the process go faster... Whether you've decided to move out yet or not!